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Club Run Information

So that everybody can enjoy a ride, we organise two group rides on a Sunday to accommodate everybody`s ability and experience.  

All groups meet to start the ride from The Talbot Arms, Stubley Lane, Dronfield  

The A group ride average speed ranges between 14mph to 15mph in the winter and 16mph to 18mph when the sun is shining in the summer.  The A group enjoy pushing themselves, sharing the workload, finding new routes and ensuring that they re-group at key points of the ride.  The aim is to be back in Holmesfield by 12.30pm and then go our own way home.      

The B group ride sees recreation and leisure as a top priority.  Great conversation is had whilst enjoying the scenery and ensuring the group stay together.  The aim for this group is to be back in Dronfield for 12pm.   

We also have a midweek social ride on a Wednesday which starts at 9:30am and allows members to get an extra ride in whilst enjoying some good old conversation.   
Group / 
Start Time
Cafe Stop
Destination via
Meeting Place
Route Link
A - 8:00am

B - 8:30am


Chatsworth / Ashford
The Talbot Arms, Dronfield
A - Strava Route Map 

B - 35 to 40 miles / Hilly
A - 8:00am

B - 8:30am

Scotland Garden Centre

Matlock / Dethick
The Talbot Arms, Dronfield
A - Strava Route Map 

B - 35 to 40 miles / Hilly
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Every Wednesday 
Fusion Midweek Social Ride (Leisurely)
The Rutland Arms, Holmesfield
30 to 35miles / Hilly